Most Common Defects in New Born Babies Of 2016

Welcoming a new born baby to the world is supposed to be a joyous time for every parent and yet defects are worrying for new parents worldwide. The trouble is that there is a big increase as to how many children are being born with defects. Why is this happening? Read on and find out a little more about birth defects and the most common conditions babies face in this last year.

Underdeveloped Brains Caused By the Zika Virus
One of the biggest stories to hit the news in 2016 has to be the Zika Virus and it certainly has become a worrying condition for many women. However, pregnant women are especially affected and it has caused thousands of children to be born with defects. Many children have been underdeveloped because of the virus and that has lead to brain damage and many other conditions too.

Spina Bifida

Children with a brain that doesn’t grow properly during the pregnancy can develop Spina Bifida and it’s certainly a tragic defect. Thousands are born with this condition and it’s so heartbreaking really. There isn’t any real cure for this and for many parents, they have to come to terms with this for their children. It’s actually a common birth defect in children in 2016 and it’s on the increase too.

Heart Defects

Hundreds of thousands of babies are born with a heart defect. For some, their hearts aren’t as big as they should be and struggle to pump enough blood around the entire body. However, babies can also be born with tears in their ventricles and some are born with holes in their heart. These are all very worrying conditions and yet these defects are occurring more and more. It’s strange because people would think the heart is a protected organ within the body but it’s vulnerable at every step of the way. More babies today have been born with heart defects than ever before.

Birth Defects Have Increased

It’s very worrying but defects in new born babies have risen quite sharply over the last few years and it’s staggering. So, why has this occurred and why is it on the increase? Well, it could be down to a number of reasons. For some expectant mothers, they experience complications during pregnancy and some have poor nutrition with causes several birth defects to take place.

New Born BabiesThe baby doesn’t grow to their expectant weight and might be far smaller which means vital organs may not be fully grown. Defects may also be down to mistreatment professionals or just simply natural causes. It’s so hard to pinpoint an exact cause because there isn’t one sole cause; there are many factors that contribute to defects.continue reading on

More Needs To Be Done

In all honesty, defects within new born babies in this modern world can vary considerably. However, it isn’t all down to natural causes or some fault by the mother and more research are needed to combat this problem. There will always be birth defects but the overall amount of babies born with defects is increasing, especially in recent years. That is why there is a real need to look into these causes more.