Getting Started With Protein Supplements

Even though you may get all the nutritional needs from diet, it is hard to get the required amounts hence the need for supplements. Contrary to popular belief, protein supplements are not only meant for body builders but everyone else as well. Protein supplements mostly come in form of protein powder which is taken as a protein shake. They are normally in form of protein powder since in solid form it takes a long time to digest and to be broken down.  Protein is an integral part of any diet as it helps the body  in the manufacture of hormones, enzymes, body cells, and nucleic acids among many other things. Some of the other reasons why you should consider a protein supplement include:

Getting Started With Protein Supplements

Getting Started With Protein Supplements

Helps in losing weight

Protein is a great way of losing weight and that it why it is recommended for many weight loss diets. Most protein products don’t have high calories and hence taking protein helps in reducing calorie intake which in turn leads to weight loss. Good thing with proteins is that you will be able to lose weight but at the same time the muscle will be preserved.

Increase in muscle size and strength

Protein supplements are mostly consumed by body builders since it helps in increasing the size and strength of a muscle.

Reduce hunger

Protein unlike carbohydrates is able to stay in the body for longer hence helps in reducing hunger. It also helps to reduce the levels of ghrelin which is the hormone that is responsible for telling your brain that you are hungry hence helping you feel full for longer helping you eat less.

Fight cancer

According to a research that was done, sufficient levels of proteins helped in fighting some form of cancer such as prostate and colon cancer.

Managing stress

Sufficient levels of protein have been associated with reduced symptoms of depression and stress. Since proteins stay in the body for longer, it helps in sufficient release of energy which in turn helps in improving or maintains a good mood. Protein has an influence on serotonin which affects how one feels.

Healing of the muscles

Since protein helps in body building and the repair of cells, it helps in the quick repair and healing of muscles after a workout. It is a great way of healing micro tears of muscles.

Since you have known the importance of protein supplements, you may be wondering how many scoops of protein you need per day. Most of the time different kinds of shakes will have their own prescriptions. The right portion of a protein shake will differ between individuals and hence it all depends on your individual needs. If you normally workout, a protein shake is taken immediately after a workout so that it can quickly repair the worn out cells and muscles. As much as there is no much evidence on the effects of an overdose of protein, it is always good to get a prescription and just take what is enough.…