The Health Benefits of Smoking

Health Benefits of Smoking

The public is very well aware of the hazardous effects of smoking. Yet, millions of people continue to smoke any ways. In no way do the benefits of smoking justify and make it okay to smoke. However, we thought we would look at the benefits, do keep in mind that the hazards outweigh the benefits.

Smoking lowers the chances of knee-replacement surgery

Smokers typically don’t have to worry about having knee replacement surgery. It doesn’t completely protect you from it, however, studies show that knee replacement surgery are common amongst the obese and joggers. Smokers tend to not be obese or jog as much. Not only that, smoking may also protect from the chances of osteoporosis. Researchers weren’t able to exactly pin how but it can be linked to nicotine’s ability to prevent cartilage and joint from deteriorating.

Health Benefits of Smoking

Smoking can lower the chances of Parkinson’s disease

Smoking can actually help prevent Parkinson’s disease, at least that is what research shows. Long term smokers have protection from Parkinson’s, research hasn’t been able to prove exactly why though. The number of cigarettes you smoke in a day doesn’t really factor into it. The only factor that matters is that you have been smoking for years. A study conducted by Harvard in 2007 shows that once smokers quit, the protection they have against Parkinson’s disease seems to fade, so it is important that they continue to smoke.

Smoking lowers the chance of obesity

Nicotine is known to be an appetite suppressant, this is a fact that has been known for ages now. The fact was actually used to appeal to women to lure them to smoke in the early 1900’s. The impact of nicotine on a person’s appetite is quite complex, it acts like both a stimulant and suppressant. However, it prompts the person to snack less and may even make food take less tasty for some which also helps curb the amount of food intake.

Obesity has also become a problem for those that try to quit smoking, which is one more reason why they go back to smoking.

The benefits of smoking may not outweigh the risks. Therefore, it isn’t recommended by doctors as an asset when it comes to losing weight or to prevent Parkinson’s disease. If you must smoke, then you can even consider making your own cigarettes. To ease the whole process, you can use an automatic cigarette rolling machine which will ensure the content in the cigarette stay in tact and the cigarette is rolled properly. So while as a smoker, you may have to constantly hear about the risks, you now know some benefits also.…