Make Your Camping Experience Healthy and Safe

Camping is considered a healthy activity; on the other hand, it has turned into something unhealthy nowadays. The idea of camping was primarily developed to spend some day close to nature, under the starry sky inhaling fresh air away from all the hustle bustle of the city.

As compared to this, camping nowadays is all about partying, making snapchats, and putting up status. The idea of an old-fashioned camping and healthy activities has been long lost. Some of the ways to bring the essence of old camping back to your camping experience are:


Don’t take junk food and alcohol along with you. What is the point of going camping when you consume all that unhealthy junk food and drinks? Take a portable gas stove and grill along with raw ingredients and make your food at the camping sight in the open. That not only helps you in consuming healthy and fatless food for a day but cooking it together with your family will give you a way to spend some quality time together.

You can make a salad with steamed and grilled vegetables; add some boiled eggs, olives, and olive oil for seasoning. Along with this you can grill lamb chops or make steamed fish. This perfectly healthy meal will aid you to feel rejuvenated and fresh.

Sleeping arrangements:

Try to avoid taking tents with you. Sleeping under the stars and waking up with the first light in the sky is what gives you the real camping feels. If you are going camping in a cold weather you should take some sleeping bags along with you but if you are going in a moderate to warm weather take your camping hammocks along. These will give you the best camping experience.

Numerous different types of hammocks available from sleeping hammocks, lounging hammocks to jungle hammocks, you can go for the ones you prefer. There are some practical considerations while buying a hammock. Make sure you check the feasibility of the kind of hammock you are buying as not all hammocks are useful for all kind of scenarios.

To buy the hammock that is most suitable for you, you can write the places where you go most and the conditions you have to face. Then, look for specific hammocks that are feasible in those situations. This way your choices will be narrowed down. A hammock can be folded into a small piece and can even fit in your backpack. This is why hammocks are so popular among campers and adventurists.

Make Your Camping Experience Healthy and Safe

Make Your Camping Experience Healthy and Safe

The jungle hammocks have a hood over them which protect you from rain and other weather conditions while lounging hammocks are just for fun. You can lounge in them for a while on the beach and then come home. You can also get a couple hammock for a romantic night out camping with your partner. Apart from this if you are alone camper you can simply get a sleeping hammock which is most comfortable; even the world’s best mattress cannot beat its comfort. Click here to find out more fine points about these hammocks.


For the best and most fun camping experience, it is advised to leave your phones, internet and social media back home. Take an emergency phone just for the sake of text messages and call in case of emergency. Apart from that don’t use phones and technology along. Take a day off the world enjoy Mother Nature with your family. This will not only have a pleasant effect on your family but also help in detoxifying your body.


Making memories and living them again by taking a walk down the memory lane can improve your mental health. After having a wonderful camping experience, ensure you take some souvenirs along. They can be a piece of wood, rock or even some dried herbs and flowers.…